Premium Aluminium Cladding & Flashing Systems
Premium Aluminium Cladding & Flashing Systems

Powder coating and Woodgrain finishes

Aluminium Is one of the most durable metals on our planet and is 100% recyclable.
Aluminums hard surface is corrosion resistant and will not absorb water, rot, cup or split.

Flashclad's aluminium cladding will provide a minimum serviceable life of 50 years and will outlast most other cladding types by decades.

Powder coating

Powder coating is one of most durable colour coatings available and will provide building owners with decades of excellent service.

Metwood Woodgrain Finishes

Providing the strength and durability of aluminium with the appeal and aesthetics of natural wood.
Coatings are stain, fade, impact, scratch and fire resistant
Over 100 wood grain and special effects colours to choose from

Metwood eliminates the ongoing expensive maintenance costs of re-scaffolding, re-oiling, or re-staining timber profiles every 2-3 years.

Flashclad promotes the use of only quality powder and woodgrain finishes which provide building owners with globally backed written 25 year coating warranties.

Pre-finished systems provide quicker install timeframes and reduces scaffolding costs saving the building owner the hidden costs.

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Flashclad Powder Coating
Flashclad promotes the use of “Matt Finish Coatings” only.
Satin and gloss finishes can highlight deflections in building lines and can also create shiny dazzling appearances in sunlight.

Note: Some regions in NZ are subject to a hard water supply which can contain higher levels of salts, calcium, magnesium etc. Hard water can leave water spot staining on dark colours.
Dark colours also require additional cleaning periods to maintaining its appearance.
View Flashclad Maintenance & Care Guide

For assistance relating to powder coating colours, powder types or sample swatches please email us or call 0800 55 66 00.

Premium NZ made cladding and flashing systems which provide unsurpassed weathertight performance, low maintenance and extreme durability.
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