Suitable for most cladding types and used on residential, Housing NZ, schools, huge leaky home and apartment complexes, commercial buildings, hospitals, rest homes and high rise buildings.

Architects and designers are now directly responsible for weathertightness and all other failures associated with the cladding and flashings they specify.

Sill Flashing


Most leaks around windows and doors occur at the base of the joinery. The Flashman sill eliminates this risk. Rain is expelled from the head and sides of windows and doors onto the Sill where it is harmlessly dispersed. Sills have been part of building design for hundreds of years. The Flashman Sill provides full support under all aluminium joinery.

Prevents cracking and leaking at plastered window sills. Monolithic claddings are fitted with plastic mouldings buried under the plaster making them entirely dependent on sealant and microns of paint to provide essential deflection. Quicker and better than fitting wooden sills which crack, twist, warp and require regular painting.

Jamb Flashing


Provides unparalled weathertightness security at the window/door to cladding junction. Replaces risky sealant seals that masquerade as jamb flashings.

No facings or scribers needed with weatherboards. Presents a clean architectural look at the window to cladding junction. Creates a recessed look to all windows and doors. Facings and scribers can be used if the traditional look is preferred (for asthetic and not weathertightness reasons).

Head Flashings


No need to cut a slot to house the head flashing either side of window or door head thus removing a common but serious leak point.

Prevents leaks that occur when conventional head flashings are slotted into the cladding. One piece combined cavity closure and head flashing. Machined aluminium Stop-ends prevent wind driven rain entering behind the cladding. The improper use of sealants as a means of flashing is a major cause of leaky buildings.

Flashman window and door flashings system

There is a major weathertightness issue with the cladding to window junctions in buildings that causes serious leaks to occur. This is why Flashman has created their unique aluminium Window & Door Flashings System & the Bevelbord powder coated aluminium, weatherboard exterior cladding system. For the first time since the introduction of aluminium joinery in NZ approximately 40 years ago, there is now a robust, good looking, long-term, complete flashings system, specifically designed & Branz-Appraised to overcome the problematic aluminium joinery-to-cladding junction, the root cause of many leaky homes.

  • The Flashman Flashings system is ideal for new homes, remedial work, schools, apartments, commercial buildings and high-rise towers.
  • Tested and approved to up to hurricane wind speeds of 232 kph – rating the system as superior to anything currently available on the market.
  • Flashings are factory fabricated to precisely fit each individual window or door.
  • The system is installed exclusively by Flashman Distributor/Installers, who provide expert skill and weathertightness experience when fitting this advanced, “Best Practice” flashing system which is far superior to the NZ Building Code minimum standard requirements.
  • Flashman flashings come with a 15 year product warranty, a 10 year installation warranty and a Producer Statement for the Council.