Eurorib is 3mm thick extruded aluminium which provides an exceptionally strong profile insuring a flat tray surface.

Eurorib will never distort or oil can as metal trays have a tendency to do

Our Rib design also provides seismic abilities.

Eurorib Cladding is available in a 230mm rib pattern or by adding a Euroline creates a 460mm wider rib pattern.

Larger trims accent this profile to accommodate the “Rib” and create a deeper recessed effect around joinery.


Euro-rib Drawings

Alternative Detail Drawings

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Door / Window Floor Level

Soffit Dado

Base Starter

External Corner

Internal Corner

Inner Storey Junction

Meter Box Head

Meter Box Jamb

Meter Box Sill

Raking Apron Detail

Parallel Apron Detail

Garage Head

Garage Jamb