EuroBord is an exciting new premium quality extruded aluminium cladding from Flashclad and is specifically targeted for commercial and high end residential builds. Eurobord panels provide a flat face finish, are 5.8m long, 400 mm wide (350 mm cover) designed for vertical or horizontal installation. The wide section smooth powder coated aluminium panels create a stunningly impressive look. Eurobord has a fine 1.5 mm wide bespoke ā€œVā€ shaped negative detail at the interlocking board connections which creates a totally weathertight connection and attractive but subtle patterning. Eurobord is an extremely strong profile providing exceptional panel strength. When combined with very robust direct fixing methods allows panels to be fixed vertically at 800 centres. Extending dwang spacings from standard 600mm to 800mm centres introduces a very real cost saving over traditional building methods. Eurobord also provides an ideal solution when undertaking a major face lift of an existing building for either weathertightness remediation or refurbishing purposes.Eurobord is a premium cladding
of understated elegance.
EUROBORD provides a high quality, cost effective and extremely weathertight alternative to sealant reliant Aluminium Composite Panels, Metal Tray cladding and expensive Ceramic Tile Rain Screen Systems. There is absolutely no reliance on high maintenance sealants; Eurobord, like all Flashclad products is a sealant free cladding system.


Benefits of Eurobord

  • Eurobord is a premium quality innovative cladding system
  • Unsurpassed weathertightness performance
  • Long life durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Eurobord incorporates the innovative, patented Flashman Window and Door Flashing System which provides extreme weathertightness protection well above the NZ Building Code Minimum Standards.
  • Smooth architectural lines and aesthetic appeal
  • 100 year serviceable life
  • Low life cycle costs compared to other commercial profiles
  • Low maintenance simply hose down using a soft broom
  • No reliance on sealants to maintain weathertightness integrity.
  • Stronger, Straighter, Thicker, Heavier
  • Extremely quick to install in panel situations.

Colour Range