DualBord is so named because it can be used as a vertical cladding system with clean straight lines for commercial and residential applications or horizontally as a modern take on a classic weatherboard profile.

DualBord as a vertical cladding provides a unique “Positive – Negative detail.” Negative detailing is much loved by architects because it has great aesthetic appeal. The set back is that current negative detailed cladding design lacks robust weathertightness and durability due to sealant dependence. Flashclad have designed a negative detail which eliminates the use of sealant. DualBord cladding is so robust that it was successfully tested by Branz in 232KPH wind and rain conditions.

BevelBord and DualBord incorporate the innovative, patented Flashman Window and Door Flashing System which provides superior weathertightness protection well above  the NZ Building Code Minimum Standards.

  • The repetitive painting of claddings to maintain weathertightness integrity and extend the life of the cladding is last century technology
  • The cost of scaffolding and repainting is very expensive and seldom if ever factored into initial cladding choices
  • Seamless locking cladding systems with one piece trim extrusions
  • 100 year serviceable life
  • Ideal for residential homes and commercial buildings
  • Low life cycle costs compared to all painted claddings
  • Low maintenance simply hose down using a soft broom
  • No reliance on sealants to maintain weathertightness integrity


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