About Us

FLASHCLAD is a fully NZ owned national company specialising in highly innovative, premium quality Cladding and Flashing Systems that provide unsurpassed weathertightness performance, very low maintenance and extreme durability.



Flashclad designs, fabricates, markets, installs and warrants premium quality Cladding and Flashing Systems. Both our Cladding and Flashings Systems are designed in accordance with BEST PRACTICE, far exceeding NZ Building Code “Minimum Standards”. BRANZ appraised and tested to actual hurricane conditions of 232 Kph! Quality control is a vital element of our company culture and extends not just to design and manufacture but to the installation of all our products and systems. Installation is carried out by our trained, qualified and experienced Regional Distributors. All our Distributors are licensed builders with a sound understanding of vital weathertightness issues and detailing. This essential knowledge is rare in the building industry today. Flashclad and Flashman Products were meticulously designed by knowledgeable, practical and experienced weathertighness veterans.
Flashclad was created to meet an urgent need to produce and install totally weathertight, durable, aesthetically pleasing cladding solutions to what can only be described as a generational legacy of disastrous cladding and flashing practice that has caused billions of dollars of damage to thousands upon thousands of NZ homes, apartments, hundreds of schools and a multitude of commercial buildings.