In 2006, Flashclad introduced the first Aluminium Mechanical Flashing System, designed to separate critical head, jamb and sill junctions between Cladding and Aluminium Joinery. Today, Flashclad are market leaders in Aluminium Weatherboard Cladding with a relentless focus on providing every property owner and designer peace of mind that their Cladding won’t rot, rust, leak or require high cost maintenance and repainting at regular intervals.

Our mechanical flashing systems are a solution to the problematic building practice of relying on sealants and paint to keep the water out.

This led to our involvement in providing solutions for many building owners – ranging from single to fifteen storey buildings and an involvement in technical detailing with most NZ cladding manufacturers.

The continuing flaws with existing cladding systems led us to design and develop our own, unmatched, unique and innovative product. Designed and manufactured to last a lifetime!

We don’t like property owners incurring ongoing costs of maintenance/repainting or scaffolding standing in the air for extended periods!

Our team are proactive professionals who willingly provide technical product and design advice to ensure architects, construction companies and consulting engineers have support at every point of the construction journey. 

Along with BRANZ approval, our systems are fully tested and compliant with all associated constructions standards.

We’re exceptionally confident with our AS/NZS 4284 testing; achieving 4.500 kPa as a watertight cladding and flashing system on a standard 20mm cavity depth without the use of foams or sealants.

Flashclad has a nationwide distributor network who can provide product installation at any location across the county.

Our distributors are licenced building practitioners who have extensive knowledge in building design and weathertightness. Most distributors have small to medium building companies, many of which are highly awarded for their work on prestigious and complicated projects.

Our high-performance systems are specified and installed on the following project types; residential homes, re-clads, apartment buildings, rest homes, commercial precincts, schools, government complex’s and medium to high-rise buildings.

We have an unwavering commitment to further develop Weatherboard Cladding products, that provide enduring and futuristic designs along with lifetime performance.

Flashclad Aluminium Cladding QT Metro Sill

Façade Testing NZ – AS/NZS 4284 testing of Flashclad’s systems.

E2/ VM1 Testing and auditors of Flashclad’s systems.

Providers of Flashclad specifications.

A selection of modern cladding profiles to suit any building design