About Aluminium

  1. Aluminium does not burn
  2. It has a melting point of 660 °C
  3. To prove aluminium does not burn, it is well known and easily verified that 20% of aluminium in use at any time is made from recycled aluminium. To achieve this, aluminium scrap is placed in a furnace and melted down for re-use. If it caught fire aluminium recycling would be impossible.
  4. During the Falklands conflict British warships with aluminium superstructures were widely reported to have burned and caused the ships to sink. Extensive investigation post war of these sunken ships proved this was entirely untrue.
  5. Aluminium has 4 times the thermal conductivity of steel. It deflects heat, it does not hold and radiate like steel.
  6. Fires in high rise buildings in Dubai, Melbourne and very recently in London were all constructed of a material generically referred to as Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP or ACM) which are a thin sandwich-type panels made from two sheets of aluminium bound to a core of insulating material, either Polyethylene (plastic) or Polyurethane (Polystyrene foam).
  7. ACPs are combustible (i.e. capable of catching fire). It was either the plastic or foam cores that caught fire NOT the aluminium. Aluminium does not burn.
For authoritative futher information regarding the safety of aluminium. See facts page produced by the UK Aluminium Federation.