Premium Aluminium Weatherboard Cladding Systems

Flashclad design and supply innovative aluminium weatherboard cladding and proprietary flashing systems.


It’s tighter than a fish …

With Flashclad’s weatherboard systems there is no use or reliance on sealants, foams or plastic back flashings to manage water behind the cladding. Flashclad’s unique interlocking designs are highly effective and totally watertight.

Tested to wind speeds of approximately 360 kph.

Strength & Durability

Flashclad’s aluminium profiles provide unique properties of strength and durability. All extrusions are cleverly profiled to ensure there is no oil canning, or cupping effect across the weatherboard face. 

Our weatherboards won’t rust, rot, or corrode. Architects, property owners and builder’s can have genuine confidence and assurance with a minimum 50 year serviceable life.

flashclad euroline aluminum weatherboard cladding shiplap aliclad panel
shiplap aluminium weatherboard

Low Maintenance

Flashclad only uses the highest quality powder coating and woodgrain finishes accompanied with globally backed 25 year warranties. 

Non-corrosive high grade Aluminium Weatherboards don’t require regular re-painting or re-staining.

The Cladding range is simply maintained with extremely low on-going cleaning costs.

Recessed Window Details

Introducing Flashclad’s innovative cladding board termination detail, designed to enhance windows and complement new recessed joinery suites with a minimalist visual aspect.

  • Faster installation
  • More Cost-effective  
  • Reduced onsite labour
  • Same unrivalled durability
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Flashclad eurorib standing seam cladding profile

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Fire Resistant

Flashclad’s cladding systems are non-combustible and meet NZ fire safety standards when used in conjunction with fire rated designed wall structures (also suitable for use on boundary walls). Aluminium fire rated cavity battens and structural battens rated to 4.5 kPa available. Suitable for all NZBC zones.

AS/NZS 4284

AS/NZS 4284 predominately used for testing “Rainscreen cladding systems” on rail systems with cavity depths of approx 60-120mm. The focus is on how water is managed behind the cladding.


Flashclad’s AS/NZS 4284 testing was conducted as a watertight cladding system using a standard 20mm cavity depth achieving 4.500kPa. 

Flashclad has proven to have one of the best tested watertight cladding and mechanical flashing systems available in New Zealand.

A selection of modern cladding profiles to suit any building design








featured Project – Owen Street

Flashclad aluminium weatherboard. Black shiplap weatherboard cladding
Outdoor living showing flashclad aluminium weatherboards by timber flooring
Euroline aluminum cladding Flashclad weatherboard