Premium Aluminium Cladding & Flashing Systems
Premium Aluminium Cladding & Flashing Systems

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Premium Aluminium Cladding & Flashing Systems

Flashclad are designers, suppliers and installers of Flashclad's innovative powder coated extruded aluminium cladding and mechanical flashing systems.
Flashclad Cladding & Flashing Systems


With Flashclad's cladding systems there is no use of, or the reliance on sealants, foams or plastic back flashings to manage water behind the cladding. Flashclad's unique interlocking designs are highly innovative and are totally watertight.

Tested to wind speeds of approximately 360 kph.

Strength & Durability

Flashclad's thicker aluminium profiles provide unique properties of strength, are corrosion resistant and won't rot. Flashclad's systems provide all building owners with extreme durability with a minimum 50 year serviceable life.
Cladding & Flashing Systems - Cladding Strength
Cladding & Flashing Systems - Cladding Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Flashclad promotes the use of only quality powder and woodgrain finishes which provide building owners with globally backed written 25 year coating warranties (there is no warranty for the building owner when relying on paint, stain or sealants).

Flashclad provides building owners with easy cheap maintenance and extremely low on-going maintenance costs.

Fire Resistant

Flashclad's cladding systems are non-combustible and meet NZ fire safety standards when used in conjunction with fire rated designed wall structures (also suitable for use on boundary walls). Aluminium fire rated cavity battens and structural battens rated to 4.5 kPa available. Suitable for all NZBC zones

AS/NZS 4284

AS/NZS 4284 predominately used for testing “Rainscreen cladding systems” on rail systems with cavity depths of approx 60-120mm. The focus is on how water is managed behind the cladding.


Flashclad's AS/NZS 4284 testing was conducted as a watertight cladding system using a standard 20mm cavity depth achieving 4.500kPa

Flashclad has proven to have one of the best tested watertight cladding and mechanical flashing systems available in New Zealand.

A selection of modern cladding profiles to suit any building design

Flashclad Cladding Bevelbord Profile
Flashclad Cladding Dualbord Vertical Profile
Flashclad Cladding Euroline Profile
Flashclad Cladding Eurolap65 Profile
Flashclad Cladding Eurolap95 Profile
Flashclad Cladding Eurolap210 Profile
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Proud suppliers and powder coaters of Flashclad's aluminium extrusions

Flashclad can assist in providing designers, architects, structural and façade engineers with technical design detailing and peer reviewing.

For all enquiries, please email us or phone Steve – 027 432 2396, or Gerald – 027 555 6448
Premium NZ made cladding and flashing systems which provide unsurpassed weathertight performance, low maintenance and extreme durability.
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